A small selection of our collection of films – more to come.

Devon County Show 1948

Devon County Show 1949

Royal Show Torquay 1952

BEP Convention Torquay 1953

Power Comes to Widecombe

The Electric Cooker and You’re a Good Cook

The Heat Of The Moment

The Pioneers

The Helicopter Project 1964


You may also be interested in these films from the collection of the British Film Institute:

Electricity – Power for Good

The North East Electricity Board suggests customers “get up to date – go electric” in a persuasive 1960s advertising film set to a jaunty musical score.

The Supply came to Ashcombe

A film showing how modern electricity is installed by the South Western Electricity Board or SWEB in the village of Ashcombe near Teignmouth, Devon – 1949
*** Can anyone recognise anybody? It seems to be silent ***

Who Voted for This? – The Nationalisation of Electricity

The Nationalisation of Electricity. “Blimey, now we’ve got a ruddy power cut!” This Tory campaigning film cuts straight to the thrust. Campaigning film 1948, 3 mins


Power on the Farm

‘Electricity can do almost anything’ – farmers are encouraged to power up their farm, 1946


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