Interested in Saving Our History?
The South Western Electricity Historical Society wishes to recruit persons interested in electricity history and/or the industrial archaeology of the South Western area of England

How we began – a short history of SWEHS

What Do We Do?

  • Meetings & visits throughout the South West – approx. 7 or 8 per year,which are usually held on a Saturday.
  • Look after South Western Electricity Archive based at Redland, Bristol, which involves answering history enquiries from the public.
  • Rescuing many electricity archives and records.
  • Maintaining a small Museum of Electricity at Redland, Bristol. We have a wide range of artefacts and equipment from the South West and elsewhere, including everything from engineering equipment to domestic appliances
  • Developing an Education/Visitor Centre at Cairns Road, Redland, Bristol.
  • Issuing a “Histelec” newsletter three times a year
  • Running the SWEHS website at
  • Weekends away every two years – recently we have been to Oxford, Swanage, Salford Quays and Cardiff

Would you like to join us?

The Society welcomes new members who are interested in electrical history or industrial archaeology.

Current membership stands at around 130 throughout the S.W. Peninsula, so there’s a good chance of seeing someone you know.

Come and join us at only £7.50 per annum
click here for the membership form