Welcome to the Western Power Electricity Historical Society, the home of electricity history in England and Wales.

As you can see from the new logo above, we have recently changed our name from “South Western Electricity Historical Society” to “Western Power Electricity Historical Society” to reflect our wider geographical interests and to recognise the considerable support given to us by Western Power Distribution. We are adding content to this new website regularly.

Museum of Electricity, Cairns Road, Bristol - artefacts from Western Power Electricity Historical Society

Museum of Electricity, Cairns Road, Bristol

A small part of the archives of regional and national electricity history of the Western Power Electricity Historical Society

A small part of our historic archives

What’s on the Electricity Historical Society website?

Apart from this Home Page, the following facilities are currently available:

Later we aim to add pages on Society Publications, Renewable Energy, Days Out etc.

Can I visit the Museum of Electricity and the Electricity Historical Archives?

In normal circumstances yes, but we are currently closed for visits because of COVID.

You would be able to come and visit to to research your favourite historical aspects – for example, you may be interested in old technology, transport or the social aspects of electricity. Our collection of old photos or films, and our electricity history archives, document more than a century of the history of electricity. Please check out the Museum, Archives and Photo Library pages for just a taste of what we offer.

Until we open again, please get in touch with us via our Contact Page