“Radio SWEB” was a safety briefing distributed to staff on cassettes in the mid-1990s.
We will add more sound recordings when available.

Radio SWEB edition 1 – Feb 1994

  • Cold Weather Working – How your brain takes control
  • The Real Cost – An accident reviewed
  • Hazard Recognition – So easy yet so hard
  • The Lucas Swing Lift – Give your back a break


Radio SWEB edition 2 – Aug 1994

  • Safety is Part of Ambition in SWEB – Dr Carson makes it crystal clear
  • Sunshine is Changing – All you need to know to keep your family safe this summer
  • A Sporting Legend in Your Own Lunchtime – It can be done (This late in your career)
  • Kids on Farm Safety – At the Bath and West


Radio SWEB edition 3 – Feb 1995

  • A Big Safety Competition – We tell you all about it
  • Charter Mark – Help keep SWEB “in the frame”
  • Winter Driving – Made safer by an expert
  • An Accident at Bodmin – With a “twist in the tail”


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